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Publications from the Philippines · Project brief · 2023

  • Peters F, Lippe M, Eguiguren P, Günter S (2023) From intact forests to agricultural-forest mosaics: implications of a landscape gradient for ecosystem services in the tropics. Hamburg: Thünen Institute of Forestry, 1 p, Project Brief Thünen Inst 2023/32a, DOI:10.3220/PB1689666084000
  • Fischer R, Lippe M, Dolom P, Kanungwe Kalaba F, Tamayo F, Torres B (2023) "Mix it" - how to combine and implement policy instruments for tropical forest conservation . Hamburg: Thünen Institute of Forestry, 1 p, Project Brief Thünen Inst 2023/29a, DOI:10.3220/PB1686554505000
  • Ferrer Velasco R, Lippe M, Fischer R, Torres B, Tamayo F, Kanungwe Kalaba F, Kaoma H, Bugayong L, Günter S (2023) Reconciling policy instruments with drivers of deforestation and forest degradation : cross-scale analysis of stakeholder perceptions in tropical countries. Sci Rep 13:2180, DOI:10.1038/s41598-023-29417-y
  • Fischer R, Lippe M, Dolom P, Kanungwe Kalaba F, Tamayo F, Torres B (2023) Effectiveness of policy instrument mixes for forest conservation in the tropics - stakeholder perceptions from Ecuador, the Philippines and Zambia. Land Use Pol 127:106546, DOI:10.1016/j.landusepol.2023.106546
  • Troost C, Huber R, Bell AR, van Delden H, Filatova T, Le QB, Lippe M, Niamir L, Polhill JG, Sun Z, Berger T (2023) How to keep it adequate: A protocol for ensuring validity in agent-based simulation. Environ Modelling Software 159:105559, DOI:10.1016/j.envsoft.2022.105559

Publications 2022

  • Nansikombi H (2022) Forest governance and its links with deforestation and forest recovery at the local scale in the tropics. München: Technische Universität München, München, Technische Universität, Fakultät Wissenschaftszentrum Weihenstephan, Diss
  • Mapping tropical forests: implications and challenges for deforested landscapes and forest restoration. Examples from Zambia, Ecuador and Philippines: [paper for] XV World Forestry Congress, Coex, Soul, Republic of Korea, 2-6 May 2022. 9 p
    Weber R, Lippe M, Günter S (2022)
  • Towards accurate mapping of forest in tropical landscapes: A comparison of datasets on how forest transition matters
    Ferrer Velasco R, Lippe M, Tamayo F, Mfuni T, Sales-Come R, Mangabat C, Schneider T, Günter S (2022)
    Remote Sensing of Environment 274, 112997
  • What is the contribution of forest-related income to rural livelihood strategies in the Philippines' remaining forested landscapes?
    Wiebe P, Zhunusova E, Lippe M, Ferrer Velasco R, Günter S (2022)
    Forest Pol Econ 135:102658, 

Publication 2021

  • The implications of remittances for agricultural land use and fuelwood collection: Evidence from the remaining forested landscapes in the Philippines,
    Environ Res Lett:in Press,
    Zhunusova E, Lippe M, Yang AL, Günter S (2021)

Publications · Project brief · 2020

  • Improved governance helps reducing tropical deforestation
    Richard Fischer et al. 2020
    Project brief 2020/02

Publication · 2019

  • Using agent-based modelling to simulate social-ecological systems across scales. Geoinformatica 23(2):269-298
    Melvin Lippe et al. 2019

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